1. Hydrate

Drink 2 cups of (filtered) water immediately upon waking up. Hydration is crucial to keeping all of your body’s natural processes working properly, even when you are asleep. That means that if you are sleeping 7-9 hours, like you should be, you’re going to wake up dehydrated.

2. Eat

Unless you are participating in an intermittent fasting diet, which can provide certain benefits, breakfast is a crucial meal. No matter how many times we are told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many of us still skip it entirely or scarf down some type of carbohydrate loaded bagel, muffin, or cereal before we run out the door. Eating a well-balanced breakfast, that focuses on incorporating plenty of protein, can boost your metabolism, aide in muscle recovery, and help you start your day feeling energized.

3. Take a Multivitamin

The truth is that most of us, even those who prioritize healthy eating, are not getting all of the vitamins and minerals we need from our diet.  A high-quality multivitamin can be a life changer for those of us with deficiencies.  That said, not all supplements are created equal. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not regulate supplements, which means that you could be taking a vitamin that doesn’t even contain the ingredients listed on the label. Unless you are familiar with the brand and trust their products, we recommend purchasing Canadian products, which are highly regulated for both quality and consistency. One of our favorite multi-vitamin brands is Thorne Research.

4. Get Outside

Getting exposure to natural light as soon as you roll out of bed can be very beneficial for the brain and the body and help get rid of any lingering grogginess. If you can get outside AND move your body for a few minutes you’ve earned bonus points.